Crazy wipers

2008 Citroen C5 2l diesel
Car: Citroen C5
Year: 2008
Variant: 2l diesel
Categories: Electrics, ECU, Warnings & Lights
On plip locking the c5 the passenger side wiper jumps to half way up the screen and stops. Normal wiper controls useless .OPening boot had same effect.
Problem added: May 27, 2012 (11 years ago)
this i think relates to the alarm system you need to go to a main dealer to resolve this one
Answered May 30, 2012 (11 years ago)
Dealer wants to replace one or both motors - booked in Friday. Currently drivers side only working , passenger side goes to and stays in vertical position.No fault showing on system. Extended warranty still has a month to run.
Answered May 30, 2012 (11 years ago)
I too have the same problem. This occurred after the dealer fitted a new fuse box to fix an engine cutting out problem. Ever since then the wipers have behaved oddly, with the left one parking upright. The dealer says its coincidence, and I need either one or two wiper motors! Am I being led up a garden path here? The car is 4 years old with 74,000 miles. What was the outcome of your problem Ajpeden? Appreciate some guidance here. Many thanks, Chris.
Answered Jun 7, 2012 (11 years ago)

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