2005 Citroen Berlingo 2.0hdi Juddering at about 1500 to 1700 and hunting when slowing down.

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Problem added: Mar 18, 2018 (2 years ago)
The problem is that the van has a judder at low revs when driving at low speeds also has a slight hunting when slowing down. Tried the EGR VALVE, MAP SENSOR,FUEL PRESSURE ASWELL. WOULD APPRECIATE any advice or a Fix Thankyou.

Car details
Car: Citroen Berlingo
Variant: 2.0hdi
Model Year: 2005
Category: Running Rough, Starting & Power Loss

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Mar 18, 2018 (2 years ago)
Try scanning it.
Fixes: 4
Mar 18, 2018 (2 years ago)
Scaned it and put it on diagnostic systems no faults found and no lights on the dash either????????
Fixes: 1,862
Mar 18, 2018 (2 years ago)
About the only system not really monitored on these is the fuel supply,
Though if your scanner can do it a graphic scan of the fuel rail pressure might show up a glitch when this happens.
When was the last time the fuel filter was renewed?
And were the seals on the same good?
Might be it's sucking air.
It wouldn't be the first one of these to have a faulty/leaking filter housing.
Do the live data graph on the pressure.
Fixes: 4
Mar 18, 2018 (2 years ago)
I have changed the fuel filter and cleaned it all before putting the new one on. Im going to try live data and see what comes up. Hopefully something as its so frustrating.
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Mar 20, 2018 (2 years ago)
check vacuum circuit
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