Intermittant missfire
2007 Citroen Berlingo 75 bhp diesel van

When I start the van from cold,it has an intermittant missfire annd then within 5 or 10 minutes,it goes away. I have put injector cleaner through it and it has had some good runs, but it hasn't changed.
Problem added: Oct 2, 2012 (9 years ago)
brian kerr
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Citroen Berlingo 2007
Variant: 75 bhp diesel van
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Engine & Drivetrain

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Check your ht leads,sparkplugs and injectors,either clean them or replace them,this is probably the cause.

Hope this helps

Answered Oct 5, 2012 (9 years ago)
I should have mentioned that this is a 1.6 HDI 74bhp and I don't know what to do on a diesel to cure this miss fire. Has anyone else had this problem on a berlingo van? Thanks
Answered Oct 8, 2012 (9 years ago)

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