2004 Audi A4 Clutch


Problem added: Jul 11, 2011 (8 years ago)
The CLutch is very hard to push down but the gear box is working fine. when it first happened it created a smell from the engine.

any ideas what this could be?? slipped disc or something with the fly wheel?

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Car: Audi A4
Model Year: 2004
Category: Leaks & Noises

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dave howard
Fixes: 44
Jul 12, 2011 (8 years ago)
Sounds like the clutch disc is sticking to either the flywheel or the pressure plate.Due to the work required to access this area it might pay to fit a new clutch (unless already new)anyway.Good luck.
Fixes: 12,398
Jul 12, 2011 (8 years ago)
Agree with " dave howard " , seems like faulty diaphram / clutch pressure plate . Probably need new clutch assembly .
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