Timing Chain

What is a Timing Chain?
A timing chain does the same job as the timing belt (cambelt). It drives the camshaft(s) in an engine, the timing of this process is vital and must be within a very narrow range to allow the engine to run correctly. Timing chains need replacing at certain intervals (depending on the car) and can wear out quicker if engine oil levels aren't maintained.

Timing chains can stretch with wear, they can also stretch due to sudden shocks such as mishifting a gear. When the chain is stretched the timing of the engine will be out and will lead to all kinds of problems. Badly stretched timing chains can lead to catastrophic engine damage.
What problems can be caused by a faulty Timing Chain?
12 problems that mention the Timing Chain

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Spluttering when starting

Had the timing chain changed new water pump head gasket head skimmed now got a problem starting it coughs and splutters once going runs fine idles fine turn it off it starts fine it only happens when ...

2006 Vauxhall Meriva 1.4 petrol twinport
Posted: Oct 18, 2021
Whining noise from engine or transmission

Whining noise from engine or transmission, gets worse as engine warms up..

2009 Volkswagen Polo 1.2 petrol
Posted: Aug 8, 2021
Car dies

I have an intermittent fault where my car dies at low speeds without warning but starts again after a few minutes i have found there is a recall for issue with chafing wire harness to transmission whi...

2013 Vauxhall Meriva 1.4
Posted: Jul 4, 2021
Engine has been replaced on 2011 vivaro battery new and fuses ok. dash shows low oil pressure and will not run continuous

after replacement of engine the electrical system faults show low oil pressure but seems more likely that wiring has developed a fault during works to vehicle

2011 Vauxhall Vivaro Vauxhall vivaro /renault engine mr786
Posted: Apr 11, 2021
A very loud ticking engine. It sounds a bit like a sewing machine.

Hi All on my Corsa 2015, 1.2 I’ve been having this loud ticking noise when the engine is on. It gets heavier as I accelerate. It’s done 53k. The noise started recently after water pump replaceme...

2015 Vauxhall Corsa 1.2
Posted: Oct 29, 2020
Depollution system faulty

depollution system faulty flashed on dashboard but car seems to run fine, I had a diagnostic test and it said gearbox fault

2008 Peugeot 308 1.6 petrol
Posted: Oct 2, 2020
Tapping noise when started up but goes when acceleration

Have tapping noise when engine his started but goes when your on the road accelerating any advise thank you but no loss of power

2006 Vauxhall Meriva 1.4 petrol
Posted: Sep 22, 2020
Oil pump and drive chain

The oil pressure light came on and after taking it to my local garage they highlighted the issue was a design fault with the drive chain for Vauxhall Astra's . Can you confirm if this is a common desi...

2016 Vauxhall Astra Diesel 1.6
Posted: Sep 21, 2020
Loud noise and losing power

Loud noise from engine

2006 Vauxhall Tigra 1.4
Posted: Sep 12, 2020
Engine timing chain

Engine timing chain has snapped on 1.4 petrol engine. Would the engine be completely kerput or would I get away with a top end cylinder head ..... any info would be great. Thanks all

2005 Vauxhall Corsa 1.4 Twinport
Posted: Jan 12, 2017
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