Spark Plugs

What are Spark Plugs?

The Spark Plugs is part of the car Electrics system. We have 5 associated problem symptoms connected to it.

We also have 541 owner problems that mention it.

What problems can be caused by faulty Spark Plugs?
541 problems that mention the Spark Plugs

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Engine cutting out when decelerating

Recently acquired this vehicle, engine intermittently cuts out when decelerating, mostly when pulling up at roundabouts & junctions, usually restarts but not always, there has occasionally been a stro...

2014 Seat Ibiza 1.2
Posted: Nov 15, 2023

After owning this car for 2 years the clutch has gone, had to get it towed to nearest MG accepted garage in the hope the warranty would be honored. But, nope was told it will not as it's the clutch an...

2019 MG ZS 1.5 VTi-Tech-Exclusive
Posted: Nov 13, 2023

On start the car runs fine as soon as the temp reaches half way after about 3 to 5 minuit drive it starts to missfire n goes into limp mode n no faster than 3 mile an hour ive changed spark plugs coil...

2008 Audi A4 2.0
Posted: Oct 5, 2023
Fan noise when press gas pedal

When I press accelerator there’s a noise sounds like a fan. Only when I press gas pedal and take off till around 3rd gear then can’t hear it. Does it every time drive car. I had clutch replacemen...

2005 Citroen Xsara Picasso 1.6 petrol
Posted: Sep 29, 2023
Engine fault

Cars in Get me home mode (20mph) Idles OK,not overheating but fan always runs,exhaust is spluttering out the fumes.

2020 Vauxhall Grandland X 1.4sri turbo
Posted: Sep 24, 2023
Car starts fine Random loss of power restart engine then runs

Car loses power to almost stalling ,engine light flashing. Restart engine and runs fine until random loss of again with engine light flashing. Coil replaced, leads and spark plugs replaced, cambelt w...

2014 Fiat Punto 1.2 8v
Posted: Sep 17, 2023
Speed limit 16 mph

Car slowing down then picking up

2014 Vauxhall ADAM Jam
Posted: Sep 13, 2023
Slowing down and speeding up on its own.

Engine light keeps coming on approx every 2 weeks. It started with feeling it was going to stall whilst driving but righted itself. Then the engine cut out a couple of times whilst driving. Diagnostic...

2016 Peugeot 308 Puretech
Posted: Sep 5, 2023
I'm using loads of fuel iv got 1.4 vauxhall adam glam

The tick over is sounds like it's missing I had a full tank a fuel 1 days 2nd day down to quarter of a tank . Can you give me any ideas what's wrong

2013 Vauxhall ADAM Adam glam
Posted: Aug 15, 2023
Running lumpy

Engine worming light on and chugging

2015 Vauxhall Mokka 1.6
Posted: Aug 8, 2023
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