Oil Sump

What is a Oil Sump?

The Oil Sump is part of the car Engine system. We have 4 associated problem symptoms connected to it.

We also have 9 owner problems that mention it.

What problems can be caused by a faulty Oil Sump?
9 problems that mention the Oil Sump
Big ends knocking

I have a 2013 KA 1.2 is it worth getting big end bearing repaired? They knock from a cold start

2013 Ford KA 1,2
Posted: Aug 15, 2021
Diesel in engine oil

Three years trouble free motoring, 158000 miles on clock. The engine started Knocking an then wanted to accelerate, With a smoke screen James Bond would have been proud of, Oil sump has filled with ...

2004 Volkswagen Passat 1-0 TDI estate
Posted: Apr 24, 2015
Thread for oil drain plug

Is there a rep. solution for missing thread in the oil sump for the oil drain plug??

2006 Citroen Xsara Picasso 1,6 16V Exclusive
Posted: Jan 13, 2015
Oil Leak

I have a very slow oil leak which I have located at the opposite end of the sump which has a connector going into it similar to the reversing light switch which I think is the oil pressure warning lig...

2003 Peugeot 206 GTI 180
Posted: Jul 16, 2013

seems to be a small oil leak from above the oil sump or near there plz help

2002 Citroen Xsara
Posted: Apr 22, 2013
Gearbox slipping

Car was serviced December 2010 picked up car and all oil leaked out,had to get roadside recovery (oil sump nut not put on correctly)car was taken back to garage to fix then picked up again and while d...

1999 Vauxhall Zafira 1.8 auto elegance
Posted: Jan 18, 2011
My car seems to be burning oil

i am using 1 litre of oil a week ihave thick white smoke out of exhaust on start up

2000 Vauxhall Zafira 1.6
Posted: Mar 1, 2010
Volkswagen Polo Slight shake when sitting in idle, MPG too low and lack of Power...Please Help

Hi Sorry ive had to repost (new user I’ve had my 2002 polo 1.2 Petrol (E 55) for almost 3years now, when I first got it it drove beautifully and when sitting on idle you couldn’t tell if the ca...

2002 Volkswagen Polo 1.2 E 55
Posted: Feb 21, 2010
Oil and engin sound lumpy

Every time i start my car for a few minutes my car sounds lumpy untill i move it eith foward or backwards. I have recently changed the spark plugs but i have not changed the leads. Could they need cha...

2000 Vauxhall Vectra 1.6 8-valve envoy
Posted: Jun 5, 2008
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