Manual Gearbox Oil

What is a Manual Gearbox Oil?
The gearbox is one part of the car that's very susceptible to wear and damage if it's not lubricated correctly. Without gearbox oil a gearbox will quickly overheat, wear out and potentially seize up.

Gearbox oil is quite different to engine oil, it has a higher viscosity meaning it's thicker than engine oil. As it doesn't have to deal with the same contaminants as engine oil it has less additives and detergents to clean it. It's vital to use the correct gearbox oil grade for your gearbox to get the best performance and longevity out of the parts of the gearbox.
What problems can be caused by a faulty Manual Gearbox Oil?
How much does it cost to replace the Manual Gearbox Oil?
Gearbox oil can be purchased for around £10 a litre, the amount of oil needed for your gearbox should be documented in your car's manual.
16 problems that mention the Manual Gearbox Oil

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Gearbox jump

Recently, my car started jumping out of gears, mainly out of second gear. when I press the peddle with steady force engine seems to revv but doesn't change the gear and when eventually it does the car...

2015 Peugeot 308 2.0 blueHDI
Posted: May 26, 2022
Gearbox changing down

On the highway the gear drops by one and the speed dropped below the engine revolution level and the auto sign shows on the dashboard. However if I restart the problem goes temporarily. Whenever I sto...

2002 Renault Scenic fidji dci auto
Posted: May 7, 2022
Gearbox fault on dash

Everytime i start the car there's a message on dash stating gearbox fault . Gears engage automatically just fine. What could the message be about?

2007 Peugeot 807 2.0 petrol
Posted: Apr 28, 2022
No gear transmission into overdrive

No transmission into 4th gear.

1998 Nissan Elgrand TDI
Posted: Apr 9, 2022
When trying to drive off when car is cold it jumps 3 or 4 times then settles down Tiptronic

When starting off when the car is cold it jumps 3 or 4 times then settles down. Tiptronic gearbox

2009 Peugeot 107 107
Posted: Mar 24, 2022
Gears don't engage

I am unable to get 1st and reverse gears in the morning, when cold. Once warm, it is mostly ok. The clutch, flywheel and fluid has been replaced, and I still have the same issue. There are no leaks fr...

2013 Vauxhall Astra Sports tourer
Posted: Mar 1, 2022
It won’t go into 5th gear

All gears are fine just won’t go into 5th

2009 Volkswagen Caddy 2.0 sdi
Posted: Jan 31, 2022
Flashing sport and ice light. Car lurches. Limp home mode

Hi there. This happens after a cold start and car being driven for a couple of miles. The dramatic lurch happens just before the car reaches 50mph. It goes into limp mode. I stop, switch off and on a...

2004 Peugeot 206 1.4 auto
Posted: Jan 21, 2022
1.8l Lost 5th gear while driving any suggestions on problem

Lost power when I put it in 5th gear while driving on the motorway. Any idea on what could be the problem and how to resolve it

2006 Vauxhall Vectra 1.8 petrol
Posted: Jan 17, 2022
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