Ignition Coil

What is a Ignition Coil?

The Ignition Coil is part of the car electrics system. We have 7 associated problem symptoms connected to it.

What problems can be caused by this part?

Coil electrical connectors look corroded

The area around the end of one of the ignition coil packs looks to be rusty and corroded.

High level of hydrocarbons in exhaust

The level of hydrocarbons coming out of the exhaust is above the legal limit. Exhaust hydrocarbon content is generally unburnt fuel and is a sign of poor combustion in the engine.

Engine doesn't start up and/or cuts out when running

The engine doesn't start up very easily and will often not start at all. When it is running it can cut out completely without warning.

Check Engine warning light showing on dashboard

The dashboard warning light showing on this page (or one very similar, sometimes a slightly different shape or colour) has appeared on the dashboard and doesn't go off when the car is running.

Fuel consumption seems above normal range

The fuel gauge seems to be going down quicker than usual, the car is using more fuel when driving in the same way as before.

Engine is rough at idle speed

At idle speed the engine sounds like it's about to stall, it improves when the accelerator is pressed down but when idling in traffic it sounds like it's struggling to run properly.

Engine is misfiring

The engine sounds like it's not running correctly, the engine sounds rough as if it's not running in time.

We have 265 owner problems that mention the Ignition Coil