Idle Air Control Valve

What is a Idle Air Control Valve?

The Idle Air Control Valve is part of the car Engine system. We have 4 associated problem symptoms connected to it.

We also have 130 owner problems that mention it.

What problems can be caused by a faulty Idle Air Control Valve?
130 problems that mention the Idle Air Control Valve

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Throttle problem

Same as below, checked everything for air leaks etc did the below get fixed and if so how?

2005 Chevrolet Matiz 1.0 SE Manual
Posted: Oct 25, 2021
Engine cuts out when engaging first gear

After the car has been idling by traffic lights etc the engine cuts out when you engage first gear to start moving

2019 Vauxhall ADAM Griffin
Posted: Sep 5, 2021
The cars dies when you put it in drive

The car starts and idle's fine the moment you put it in drive the refs drop and the engine dies

2002 Nissan Micra 1.1 16 valve
Posted: Aug 29, 2021
When engine is warm and you stop the engine will sometime cut out

The car start fine and drives well but some time when the engine is warm it will cut out when you stop and is some times hard to re-start.

2006 Fiat Punto 1.2
Posted: Apr 8, 2021
The engine cuts off while driving

After 10 minutes of driving the engine cuts off, have to wait for a while to be able to start it again.

2008 Hyundai Getz 1.1
Posted: Nov 23, 2019
Low rpm

I start my car the other day now normally my car sits at 1000 rpm these last few days my rpm has been sitting at 750 I am not very good with things like this can anyone help and explain what could cau...

2003 Rover 25 1.4 16v
Posted: Apr 16, 2019
Engine revs not dying

In neutral, the engine responds as normal to the throttle. Changing gear and the revs don’t die but hold at around 2000 - 3000. Other than that, the car is running perfectly. Any ideas???

2008 Chevrolet Kalos 1.4SX
Posted: Aug 14, 2018
Won't idle, no power.

Car starts but cuts out immediately, needs lots of revs just to keep it idling. Drove home from work (20 miles) and the car was fine, there was nothing unusual about the journey. I stopped at my of...

2007 Citroen Xsara Picasso
Posted: Sep 8, 2017
Self accelerates

During the ride when i paddle the clutch to change the gear, engine will accelerates more than it's normal level.(up to 3000rpm). Its very disturbing to drive. Please help....

2000 Peugeot 406 1.8cc petrol
Posted: Jan 26, 2017
Cutting out

where do i find the idle air control valve and throtle body on my 307

2002 Peugeot 307 14l
Posted: Jul 26, 2016
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