Crankcase Breather

What is a Crankcase Breather?

The Crankcase Breather is part of the car engine system. We have 5 associated problem symptoms connected to it.

What problems can be caused by this part?

Engine Oil warning light showing on dashboard

The engine oil warning light as seen in the image is displayed on the dashboard. The light has recently come on and doesn't go off after starting the car up.

Engine temperature is higher than normal

The engine temperature reading on the dashboard gauge is noticeably higher than usual. It doesn't seem to be caused by sitting in traffic on a hot day, it is generally just higher all the time.

Engine has leak patches

There is residue from an oil leak on parts of the engine around the crankcase.

Engine is running rough

When the engine is running it does sound like it would normally, it can sound like it's struggling to keep running or produce strange noises that sound like it's not running in time with itself.

Fluid patches on floor under car

There appear to be fluid patches underneath the car when it's been parked up for a while.

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