Brake Backplate

What is a Brake Backplate?

The Brake Backplate is part of the car braking system system. We have 5 associated problem symptoms connected to it.

What problems can be caused by this part?

Hand brake not working

The handbrake no longer holds the car on a hill when it's applied. The handbrake can be pulled all the way up but it's still not able to hold the car in position.

Brakes making a squeaking sound

When braking the brakes make a squeaking sound, when you take your foot off the brake pedal the sound stops.

Car feels unstable whilst braking

Under braking the car doesn't feel stable, it doesn't feel as confident under braking as it used to.

Car skids and brakes lock up when braking hard

When pressing the brakes hard in an emergency stop situation the wheels lock up and the car skids along rather than stop quickly in a straight line.

Car pulls to the left or right when braking

When braking the car veers off to one side, this happens even on a straight section of road. The car seems to pull to the one side.

We have 2 owner problems that mention the Brake Backplate