Automatic Gearbox Fluid (ATF)

What is a Automatic Gearbox Fluid (ATF)?
Automatic Gearbox Fluid or Automatic Transmission Fluid (ATF) is specifically designed for use with auto gearboxes. It's an oil based fluid with additives that make it particularly good at maintaining and protecting the parts inside the gearbox.
What problems can be caused by a faulty Automatic Gearbox Fluid (ATF)?
How much does it cost to replace the Automatic Gearbox Fluid (ATF)?
The gearbox fluid itself isn't particularly expensive, expect to pay between £10 - £20 per litre depending on the brand/quality. Replacing the oil will usually take up to an hour of labour so factor that in to the cost, an average cost would be £100 - £200. This will obviously depend on the labour rate of the mechanic you use and the oil amount required by your make/model's gearbox.
88 problems that mention the Automatic Gearbox Fluid (ATF)

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When i put my shogun in drive it jumps but drives ok no problem when i put in reverse

When I put my car into drive it jumps but drives ok, it is ok when I select reverse, only just started this today, no warning lights on the dashboard completely stummped

2004 Mitsubishi Shogun 3,2 did lwb auto
Posted: Apr 24, 2022
No gear transmission into overdrive

No transmission into 4th gear.

1998 Nissan Elgrand TDI
Posted: Apr 9, 2022
C4 picasso auto, done 78k. Kicking from 2nd to 3rd gear hesitating but once in 3rd its fine

Have C4 picasso auto, done 78k. My problem which started recently is that it hesitates to move from 1 to 2nd gear, but once in 3rd its all fine and perfect. Do i need to change the tranmission oil ?...

2012 Citroen C4 1.6
Posted: Apr 3, 2022
I have Nissan Elgrand Qd32 engine. Gears not changing in drive. Low acceleration

Gears not changing in drive it’s stuck in 3rd gear. Low accreditation

1998 Nissan Elgrand 3.2 Qd
Posted: Apr 3, 2022
Gear box auto

wherever I put the selector it shows "O" on the dash and car will not start, tried every position several times Ignition on and off always came up with "O" on dash, eventually after about 5 minutes th...

2005 Mitsubishi Colt 1.5 DID auto
Posted: Mar 25, 2022
Reverse gear engages but it's very sluggish and drags

When the car is engaged on reverse gear it drags and very sluggish

2010 Toyota Avensis 2.0
Posted: Jan 21, 2022
My 2013 barbarian auto broke down last night, it starts fine and idles fine and revs in park no problem. once in drive it doesnt rev then revs and pulls away slowly then the revs drop again. any ideas please

car starts fine idles fine revs in park in drive it doent rev , then revs a little and pulls away then revs drop again exact same as last person who had this fault new fuel filter has been fitted

2013 Mitsubishi L200 2.5 barbarian auto
Posted: Dec 3, 2021
Slight Juddering when pulling away

Ford fiesta automatic has slight judder can't check transmission level as its a sealed unit could this need changing its done 28.000 miles

2015 Ford Fiesta 1.6 Auto
Posted: Nov 24, 2021
Having a problem getting 3rd gear it seems to slip then bite really hard when changing from 2nd to 3rd it's a 10 plate auto

If I pull away at a junction a bit quickly it jumps between 2nd and 3rd gear it will not go in straight away then bites really sharply doesn't do it in any other gear

2010 Vauxhall Zafira I.9 tdi diesel
Posted: Nov 23, 2021
Gear shift problem

Auto gear change from 3rd to 4th produces a whinning noise. Release of accelerator pedal allows shifting smoothly. Rest of the gear shifts are smooth.

2007 Volkswagen Polo 1.4
Posted: Oct 30, 2021
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