Automatic Gearbox

What is a Automatic Gearbox?
An automatic gearbox (transmission) is a gearbox designed to select the appropriate gear ratio automatically with no driver input. There are many types of automatic gearbox with different characteristics but they all have the same objective, to manage the gear ratios for the driver.
What problems can be caused by a faulty Automatic Gearbox?
How much does it cost to replace the Automatic Gearbox?
The cost of a replacement automatic gearbox is dependent on the car make and model, the prices vary widely but you can expect the cheapest brand new gearbox to cost over £1000.

It's unusual that you'd need to replace the entire gearbox as more often than not the gearbox can be repaired, so you're more likely to have it rebuilt with replaced parts than to replace it entirely. The labour cost can be high when having a rebuild but it will still be cheaper than a replacement automatic gearbox.

A cheaper alternative to a brand new OEM replacement gearbox is a refurbished unit, these can be picked up from around £400 (for something like a Ford Focus). This is definitely the way to go if you're dealing with an older car that has no warranty. You'll often get a decent warranty from the supplier too so a bit of extra peace of mind.
146 problems that mention the Automatic Gearbox

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I have a 2011 1.6 Sportage that is creating a Rubbing Soond Whilst driving

it seems as though the Car is struggling to engage the gears

2011 Kia Sportage 1.6
Posted: Nov 20, 2023

About once a week my car gets stuck in PARK with no ignition working, and a sign saying : '' Only leave vehicle in position P. Please visit workshop." After a minute or two it all works fine again! Th...

2018 Seat Arona SE Technology 1.0 TSI
Posted: Oct 31, 2023
Automatic c4 1 st to 2 nd gear clunk

Changing from 1st to 2 nd automatic gearbox there is a clunk maybe rear end

2007 Citroen C4 1.6
Posted: Oct 29, 2023
No power steering

No power steering at all

2015 Dacia Sandero 1149cc
Posted: Oct 27, 2023
Manual headlights and fog lights not working

Auto headlights still work

2012 Peugeot 3008 HD diesel
Posted: Oct 27, 2023
Automatic gearbox

Automatic gearbox makes a squeaking sound when changing up from 3rd to 4th gear.

2022 Renault Captur 1.4 petrol
Posted: Oct 26, 2023
Light problem please help

High beam working fine, low Beam not working but side lights on ? any help please?

2011 Skoda Fabia vrs
Posted: Oct 16, 2023
Electrical problems

Central locking not working, hazard lights won’t turn off until I disconnect the battery, brake lights on constant ly, rear wash wipe not working,alarm not working

2014 Peugeot 3008 1.6 hdi
Posted: Sep 19, 2023
207 automatic when wanting to accelerate there is a delay when nothing happens and suddenly it jerks forward

moving onto the motorway driving along and wanting to accelerate the car does not accelerate for quite a delay and suddenly jerks forward at speed - this is an automatic gearbox

2009 Peugeot 207 1.6 VTi Sport
Posted: Sep 14, 2023
Gearbox problem

My nissan serena jerks when i remove my foot from the accelerator especially when going through bumps, but immediately i stop and turn off the engine then i turn it on again, the problem is gone until...

2012 Nissan Serena C25
Posted: Aug 21, 2023
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