Accelerator Pedal

What is a Accelerator Pedal?
The accelerator pedal is the right most pedal in the driver's foot well and is responsible for regulating the engine throttle control. The position of the pedal represents the 'openess' of the throttle, a fully raised pedal will be a closed throttle position whereas a fully depressed pedal will correspond to a wide open throttle position. The wider the throttle position the more air and fuel flow into the engine, the more air and fuel the more power and acceleration.

On older cars the accelerator pedal would have been connected to a cable that connects the pedal directly to the throttle body. Modern cars use a 'drive by wire' system that essentially transmits the pedal position as a digital signal to the ecu, the ecu then manages the throttle position. This allows for more safety systems to come into play as the ecu has ultimate control over the throttle rather than the driver.

Accelerator pedals can have problems mechanically and also with the sensor. There is added complexity for automatic cars as the pedal will also have a 'kick down' feature that tells the ecu to apply as much throttle as the engine can handle.
What problems can be caused by a faulty Accelerator Pedal?
How much does it cost to replace the Accelerator Pedal?
Accelerator pedals will generally cost from £75 to £150 for the parts to replace.
155 problems that mention the Accelerator Pedal

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Fan noise when press gas pedal

When I press accelerator there’s a noise sounds like a fan. Only when I press gas pedal and take off till around 3rd gear then can’t hear it. Does it every time drive car. I had clutch replacemen...

2005 Citroen Xsara Picasso 1.6 petrol
Posted: Sep 29, 2023
When starting the car its goes a bit then cuts out, but if you press on the accelerator for a while it takes off

normally in the morning this happens are when you first start the car, you have to accelerator really hard to get it going and it happens often after that. Its as if it struggling to get fuel. We ch...

2010 Ford Kuga 4x4
Posted: Sep 14, 2023
Engine shuddering when idol

When car engine is running but is idol for example in traffic or at lights for longer than a few minutes the engine begins to shudder and service warning light appears. However, if I tap the accelerat...

2019 Vauxhall ADAM energised
Posted: Sep 9, 2023
Slowing down and speeding up on its own.

Engine light keeps coming on approx every 2 weeks. It started with feeling it was going to stall whilst driving but righted itself. Then the engine cut out a couple of times whilst driving. Diagnostic...

2016 Peugeot 308 Puretech
Posted: Sep 5, 2023
Judders in 5th on cruise control or without and if your going slow in a gear then put the foot down it rubbles why is this

Judders in 5th low revs in gear rubble from the back is this because it's 4x4 or

2010 Hyundai ix35 20crdi
Posted: Aug 30, 2023
Car starts but wont rev up

Car runs fine but pit foot on accelerator and it dies,last week the coolant pipe came apart and steam came from engine not sure if its related,changed throttle body as suggested with the computer fro...

2012 Citroen C3 1.4
Posted: Aug 26, 2023
Loss of power

My car sometimes doesn’t respond when I put the accelerator down, especially in the lower gears and uphill. It’s an intermittent problem though and as yet two garages haven’t been able to locate...

2013 Vauxhall Cascada 1956 cc
Posted: Aug 22, 2023
Gearbox problem

My nissan serena jerks when i remove my foot from the accelerator especially when going through bumps, but immediately i stop and turn off the engine then i turn it on again, the problem is gone until...

2012 Nissan Serena C25
Posted: Aug 21, 2023
Intermittent Noise When First Turning Over and Changing Gears

So I had a knock in May, since then my car has been making an intermittent noise when first turning over or changing gears/being in too low a gear. I had all my belts changed before the accident and h...

2014 Citroen DS3 1.6 EHDI
Posted: Aug 15, 2023
When accelerating the engines gears down but does not accelerate just increases revs and doe not provide drive?

Just happened today, it happened once jointing a duel carriageway I was at 60 and I pressed the accelerator and it didn’t accelerate it just geared down (automatic) and didn’t push.

2018 Ssangyong Tivoli 1.6tdi
Posted: Aug 13, 2023
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