Kipling Motorist Centre

152 High Street, Bushey, WD23 3DH
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152 High Street, Bushey, WD23 3DH
Garage Mechanics in Bushey, Hertfordshire
Opening Hours
MON-FRI 8:30-6:00
SAT 8:30-4:00
MOT Station

At Kipling Motorist Centre we can offer the following MOT tests

MOT Class Vehicles
Class 4 Cars, Vans and Motorhomes (up to 12 seats). Goods Vehicles under 3 tonnes
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Customer Reviews of Kipling Motorist Centre
Reviewed by: Nadine, Bushey
10/ 10

Brilliant garage. Some time ago my exhaust baffle came out and I booked the car in for a new exhaust. When I went to collect the car I said that I had a feeling they might have fitted the original exhaust ; they checked on their computer and said it was within 3 days of the warranty expiring (I didn't even know it had a warranty!) and didn't charge a penny. I wouldn't have known any different if they hadn't mentioned the warranty. They've done other bits and pieces for me and have always been a pleasure to deal with.

Reviewed by: Ryan, Bushey
1/ 10

After having an MOT completed by Kipling motorist centre I felt that I was ripped off. During the MOT I was informed that my headlight beams were too high and that for £10 they would adjust. Even though I was shown the light beamed on to a test rig I was suspicious as both lights were installed by a reputable company a year ago and thought it would be unusual for both headlights to be out by the same amount. But for £10 and the inconvenience of bringing it back, I went ahead with it. The surprise came when I went to pay it was £10/ headlight with VAT on top! This is not what I was told. In addition, when I sat back in the car I noticed that the tilt adjuster was not set at its lowest position therefore I have no doubt, the original setting was correct.
I will never use Kipling’s again.

Reviewed by: Joel, Bushey
10/ 10

Sorted out my headlights in 5 minutes. quick, courteous, trustworthy. thank you.

Name: Joel
Location: Bushey

Reviewed by: Ben, Bushey
10/ 10

I had a nail through the tyre; drove in straight away, and the tyre was repaired for less than 20 quid in 15 mins. Great service, beasts any experience I've had at Kwikfit.

Name: Ben
Location: Bushey

10/ 10

Amazing to find a more helpful garage anywhere staff friendly and very helpful .Put themselves out to help get my car an import through the MOT .their prices are better than most I am very pleased and would recommend them to anyone .

Location: BUSHEY

Reviewed by: Danielle Sanderson, Bushey
10/ 10

I went to Kipling Motorist Centre with a flat tyre that I had pumped up, but feared it was a slow puncture. I also mentioned that my windscreen wipers weren't very effective. They checked the tyre and said the problem was the valve, and they replaced the wipers. The total bill was less than £17, just the cost of the wipers and no charge for labour. I queried the low price but they said that was fine. I had used Kipling for MoTs several years ago, but had replaced my P reg car when the Government scrappage scheme was in place, so hadn't needed an MoT for more than 2 years. Yet when the mechanic saw me, he said "you used to have a purple micra didn't you?" I was astonished by his memory, and by the superb customer service I received

Name: Danielle Sanderson
Location: Bushey

Reviewed by: Simmons, Watford
10/ 10

Fantastic place, will definitely go there in future. Very friendly staff, well organised and finished on time. Great place for servicing, MOTs, tyres. Cheapest place in the area, would strongly recommend!

Name: Simmons
Location: Watford

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