Arc Car Wash

Weston Road, Crewe, CW1 6BW

Arc Car Wash

Car Washes in Crewe, Cheshire
Weston Road, Crewe, CW1 6BW


Rated 6 / 10
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Reviewed by: Chantelle, Alsager

9/ 10

I love this carwash, Great service and fast, I love the triple foam and my kids love it. At the comment above, I wouldn't say that the weekend staff member is bad at his job, I would actually say he work's hard and he's kind, always smilying, I even give him a tip. anyway great wash and I recommand that you guys go for great value of money :)

Name: Chantelle
Location: Alsager

Reviewed by: Miss J Langwell, Nantwich

3/ 10

This car wash is fine if you don't get the certain member of staff who clearly doesn't give a damn (he works mostly weekends although I did endure him once on a week day). With this employee no matter what you pay for (and I have gone for the top wash at £7+ before) you get the same half hearted pre-car wash scrub. Don't expect him to lift up the windscreen wiper and wash under there (where the dirt is) as this is far too much like hard work (even at £7+ per car).

In contrast the good employee there does a fantastic job so try and go in the week if you want to get what you paid for!

I must also warn those of you who like your paintwork that my car has endured scratches from this car wash. For the price and the level of service I'd advise you to go elsewhere to a hand car wash where very often you can get the inside and outside done for £10 or just over.

Name: Miss J Langwell
Location: Nantwich

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