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28 Harnham Trading Estate, Salisbury, SP2 8NW
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28 Harnham Trading Estate, Salisbury, SP2 8NW
Garage Mechanics in Salisbury, Wiltshire
MOT Station

At New Garage we can offer the following MOT tests

MOT Class Vehicles
Class 3 3 Wheeled Vehicles less than 450kg
Class 4 Cars, Vans and Motorhomes (up to 12 seats). Goods Vehicles under 3 tonnes
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Customer Reviews of New Garage
Reviewed by: Lyndsey, Salisbury
10/ 10

Great service, the fault was diagnosed and fixed with 24 hours and we were charged less than the original quote. Friendly and helpful staff, and overall a very pleasant and hassle-free experience, especially compared to garages I have used in the past. Will definitely be using again in the future.

Reviewed by: Dawn, Amesbury
10/ 10

What an amazing garage, so helpful and knowledgeable. Would highly recommend, the best garage I have used, very honest and trustworthy. Thank you for all your great work

Reviewed by: Alan, Wilton
1/ 10

They failed to diagnose correctly the problem, even though I told them what was wrong (via Green Flag). So they ordered me something completely unnecessary. 5 weeks later, we broke down again; they refused to acknowledge they got it wrong initially and to compensate me for unnecessary labour and parts. Charmless and not bothered with new clients.

Name: Alan
Location: Wilton

Reply from: Charlotte Adlam, Office Manager
We apologise if you felt that you weren't treated in the way in which you had hoped whilst getting your car repaired at New Garage. As a way of apologising we would like to offer you a free M.O.T as a gesture of good will. On feedback 98% of our customers go away satisfied and we are really sorry that you weren't one of these. We would like to make amends as we are a small independent company and we pride ourselves on our good reputation of being reliable and trustworthy. We have addressed the problem within our office and hope if you return to us you will find it a more welcoming environment.
Reviewed by: R. Scott, Wilton
5/ 10

I found the service here wonderful, the gentlemen who work here are very kind and welcoming and have looked after both myself and my car during the many years in which I have brought my car here. If it is required for my car to stay at the garage for longer than a time I have felt comfortable to wait, then they have always supplied me with a loan car FREE OF CHARGE in order to allow me to carry on with my day without any trouble and only requested that I replace the fuel in the vehicle as a matter of courtesy. If I haven't needed a loan car for the day then they have been more than happy to drive me back home and then have picked me up once the work on my car has been completed. No complaints and their Swift Award is well deserved. Well done New Garage.

Name: R. Scott
Location: Wilton

Reviewed by: Louise, Salisbury
9/ 10

Fabulous staff, who were friendly and explained the issues that I had with my car in order for me to understand as a female what was wrong with it. I had a bulb which had gone of which they replaced kindly free of charge and also topped up my measures of screen wash and oil free of charge on a separate occasion. I have no complaints with this garage and they have always treated me fairly and as a loyal customer for the last 5 years it is nice to know that the staff here are trustworthy and will treat me fairly. Many garages rip off females in particular due to their knowledge (or lack of!) about motor vehicles but here I have always experienced an honest service to a high standard and I guess that is all you can ask for of a garage! Honest friendly staff who provide an excellent service in addition to even supplying a nice cup of tea! I have been scammed previously by another indepentant garage in salisbury as well as by Kwikfit and it is nice to finally go to a garage where you can trust in a good service. I disagree with Anonymous's comment. I couldn't have asked for a better service - highly recommended garage.

Name: Louise
Location: Salisbury

Reviewed by: T. Spiller, Salisbury
10/ 10

Very good garage very approachable.Swift award winners for customer servis.I rate them very highly because they are very helpfull within their skills and workmanship.Also with costing upfront for repairs on all types of jobs where ever possible and only carrying out work with confirmation from customer.

Name: T. Spiller
Location: Salisbury

Reviewed by: Anonymous Review

I took my car in for an MOT last week was quoted £54.50 for a test wich is the most that can be charged for an MOT they failed it on a small chip in the window and told me I would not be able to get it repaired as they would not pass it. When the window bloke came to change it he said he had never seen a car fail with such a small chip. Took the car back and they passed it but charged me for a retest £27.50. I have never been charged for a retest in the past so eneded up paying £82 when I normally take it to Quick fit and they only charge £35.50 with a free retest!!!.Also the bloke at the couter was very rude did not even acknolege me both times I came in and made me wait at the counter whilst staring out the window I found it very hard to understand him as he seemed to mumble rather than talk. I would recomend that you try an other garage that have customer skills and charge reasonable rates.

Reply from: Charlotte Adlam, Office Manager
Hello Alan, I know that this was a while ago but we still feel that this needs to be addressed. In this occasion we dispute these allegations as we have since looked into our invoices and have found that you were not charged for a re-test. We understand that you felt that that the chip on your window wasn't worthy of a failure, however, our job here is to keep you safe and we have to apply by the ministries standards which your car didn't meet at this particular time. As a gesture of goodwill we would be prepared to offer you a free M.O.T test. Our M.O.T's have now been reduced to a great price of £35 with free retests if your car doesn't pass. Thank-you for reading, New Garage.

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