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24 Old Milton Road, New Milton, BH25 6DX

4 / 10 from 3 reviews
MOT Station

At Bursey Engineering we can offer the following MOT tests

Class 1 Motorbikes up to 200 cm3
Class 2 All Motorbikes
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Customer Reviews of Bursey Engineering
9/ 10

chris plumb, New Milton

Very happy with the service work and MOT that Paul did on my Lexmoto Titan ZN125T-8F, very efficient, can't say anything negative like other reviews.

2/ 10

Anonymous Review

I took my bike in for an MOT and Service - agreed at an agreed inclusive rate.
The bill was bumped up more than £80 than agreed , but I had "Great sparks fitted" . Really.

The handle bars were raised even though it had been through 10 MOT's without this being mentioned , and I was not consulted.

Same as comment above for me .. and sound typical Never again.

1/ 10

Anonymous Review

Be very carful of this company.

They took my bike in for a simple repair, rather than removing the tank and unplugging the faulty item, they just cut through the wiring loom, with the battery still connected. The soldering was a joke and when the bike was put back together, the electrics didn't work. They blamed the alarm, pushed the bike out the front of the shop, told me to come and get it, bumped up the bill for the work they had done and washed their hangs of it. Am now starting small claims court proceeding against them.

They don't remember me but 11 years ago they also dropped my FZR off the hydraulic stand, smashing the bike up, they never really fixed it properly, tried to cover the damage up with stickers at first, should have learnt my lesson then.

Never again.

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