Airdrie Motorist Centre

91 Main Street Calderbank, Airdrie, ML6 9SG

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91 Main Street Calderbank, Airdrie, ML6 9SG
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Customer Reviews of Airdrie Motorist Centre
10/ 10

Carol Watson, Blantyre

Airdrie Motorist Centre has now been taken over by Joe Hoy, a very competent, decent, all round great mechanic, who has been fixing and servicing all of my family and friends cars for many years.
The negative reviews on some sites are for the PREVIOUS owner, not Joe. I would highly recommend you give this garage your business.

10/ 10

Not given, Not given

Recently had my car sorted here. 4 tyres clutch and timing belt had quotes of crazy prices these guys are the best very helpful and efficient! 10 out of 10 guys!

Name: Not given
Location: Not given

10/ 10

David egburtson, wishaw

I would definitely recommend this garage. Recently purchased 4 runflats costing over 600 pounds and got clutch replaced not long ago they had the car 2 days nd it was returned clean and tidy. Not one mark on the wheels either and at previous garagesthry have damaged my wheels in the past but not here! Well priced garage too!

Name: David egburtson
Location: wishaw


very disapointed went in to get a puncture fixed
and my wheel was damaged(very badly) gave them my wheel for two days and they couldnt mach the paint
so agreed that i would get the wheel fixed and they would pay part of one wheel refurb
but when i got the wheel refurbed and returned to the garage i was told that they would not be paying for a partial refurb as it was not company policy
i will never be back to this garage again............

8/ 10

g macneil, airdrie

I use this garage regularly and I recommend them. I find them very honest and I don't feel as though they take the mick!

Name: g macneil
Location: airdrie

1/ 10

Anonymous Review

Husband's car was towed to this garage by breakdown services. They had the car for almost a week. Did repairs costing £350. Car broke down again within two days of getting it back. They didn't have a clue what was wrong with the car. Turns out that they replaced parts that didn't need replacing and hadn't identified the fault. Another decent mechanic identified the problem and fixed for a third of this garage's price. Would definitely not recommend this garage. Unfortunately second garage in Airdrie where I have experienced poor workmanship.

9/ 10

Anonymous Review

Recently bought four michelen tyres from airdrie motorist centre and after recieving quotes from all local tyre dealers, found them very well priced.

Staff were very helpful indeed. would recommend them to anyone

3/ 10

Anonymous Review

i just spent 600 pounds on new tyres at airdrie motorist centre, on return home i found the alloys all had gouges and scratches on them that were'nt there previously.also the wheels were all missing the tyre valve caps, i will also have to take the wheels to be balanced elsewhere as they were not balanced properly, this is very dissapointing considering the money i spent and i have been quoted 300 pounds to repair my alloys. the car is only 1 year old.

very dissapointing

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