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Engine oil being pumped out of dipstick tube
2003 1.9TDI
Posted: Nov 8, 2023
Power steering failed
2003 1.8D
Posted: Dec 2, 2022
2004 1.8 petrol
Posted: May 23, 2022
Diesel manual gearbox-
2004 2 ltr manual
Posted: Jul 29, 2021
Rover 75 Owner Reviews
10/ 10

Mel Brigg

I have had over 50 cars, 6 Mercs, 10 BMW's...still have a Z4........nothing compares to the Rover 75, its finish, class, drive and absolutely in love with it, and will buy another when/if this one dies.
A little slow on the hills, but fantastic on the open road and once the revs get up a bit.

9/ 10


Just bought a 75 CDT 2.0 2001 model with 64,000 on the clock.

What can in say? What a car, so nice to drive. Forget that advert that says "sounds like a golf!" as I'm sure they took it from this car! I bought this to pull my caravan which is pretty heavy at 950kg unladen weight and it is amazing with it, at lows speeds you can hardly tell it on the back. The only time I noticed it was when I wanted to get into 5th gear at 50! That it didn't like apart from on very flat roads.

The only minus I can find is that it is quite low to get into compared to my old focus 1.8 and my wife Perodua Myvi.

9/ 10

Anonymous Review

Great Drive, oozes value for money compared with the mass production units,
so good the chinese are keeping all of the new ones for themselves!
Rover 75 SE Conn V6 Auto 2,5 Tourer. And it will clock 40 mpg at 75 on a run!

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75 Recalls Issued Per Year
Latest Rover 75 Recalls

Front suspension spring concern

Recalled on 11th of July, 2002

Affects VIN in range RJ001242 - RJ133299

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