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Page contains all of our data on Renault including recalls, model information and UK registration data.

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Recalls 261
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Reports showing how many Renault cars are on the UK roads and the distribution of the cars across UK regions over time.

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Renault Recalls
Model: SCENIC recalled on: Nov 19, 2019
Nox sensor was not correctly tightened during manufacture
Model: MEGANE RENAULTSPORT recalled on: Sep 17, 2019
The solenoid valve does not switch to the "high oil pressure" position when required
Model: MASTER recalled on: Sep 9, 2019
Possible deviation in the torque value on the rear right suspension blade u bolt
Model: MASTER III recalled on: Sep 3, 2019
Possible insufficient clamping of the right rear
Model: KANGOO recalled on: Sep 3, 2019
The stop & start function does not perform correctly
Model: ALPINE A110 recalled on: Jul 23, 2019
Oil pressure control solenoid valve and sleeve may malfunction
Model: TRAFIC recalled on: Jun 18, 2019
Potential risk of failure to the secondary parking brake
Model: TRAFIC recalled on: Jun 18, 2019
Rear bench seatbelt buckle bolts may not be correctly tightened
Model: ALPINE recalled on: Jun 11, 2019
Exhaust value solenoid wiring may short circuit
Model: ALPINE recalled on: Jun 11, 2019
Potential incorrect tightening of front luggage compartment (bonnet) bolts
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