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The Porsche 911 (pronounced as nine eleven) is a sports car made by Porsche AG of Stuttgart, Germany. The famous, distinctive and durable car has undergone continuous development since its introduction in 1964. Mechanically it is notable for being rear engined and, until the introduction of the all-new Type 996 in 1999, air-cooled.
911 Problems By Model Year
911 Latest Problems
PCM fixed at one point on map or navi to start any navigation
0 responses 2004 997 C2S
Posted: Aug 27, 2011
Not firing on all cylinders
2 responses 1999 carrera4 3.6
Posted: Jul 1, 2009
Non Start
1 response 1995
Posted: Sep 12, 2008
Acelerator peddle
1 response 2001 convertable manual
Posted: Jul 29, 2008
Dent in roof panel
1 response 2002 Carrera 4
Posted: Oct 4, 2007
Porsche 911 Owner Reviews
Reviewed by: Gavin

10/ 10

Model 996 GT2 (2002)

This car is the very thing I always hoped owning a Porsche would be. Devastatingly quick, turns heads and looks about as good as any 911 ever has. It can give you a few brown moments if you're carrying more speed than you should but otherwise quite predictable given the reputation.

If you ever get the chance to own one you really should.

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911 Recalls Issued Per Year
Latest Porsche 911 Recalls
Affects builds between Feb 26, 2019 and Dec 5, 2019
Recalled on Dec 13, 2019
Affects builds between Jan 10, 2017 and Feb 10, 2017
Recalled on Mar 2, 2017
Affects builds between May 5, 2014 and Jun 6, 2014
Recalled on Nov 3, 2014
Affects VIN in range WP0ZZZ992ES180106 - WP0ZZZ992ES181345
Recalled on May 1, 2014
Affects VIN in range WP0ZZZ99ZAS780067 - WP0ZZZ99ZAS781223
Recalled on Dec 10, 2012
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