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The Navara has won the 2019 Pick up of the Year award and enjoys a high level of capability and practicality compared to others in the market.
Navara Problems By Model Year
Navara Latest Problems
Power Loss

Sometimes the engine starts first time and others the accelerator has to be pumped to get it to start with subsequent cloud of smoke from rear. Revs will not go above 2500 until pumped and then rise n...

2008 2.5tdi
Posted: Aug 12, 2019
Key fob not working

my remote key has stopped working the lock/unlock button works inside the car but the key will not lock or unlock the doors

2006 2.5dci
Posted: Mar 15, 2012
Brakes Seized

This Navara has been parked up for some time and it seems the Brakes have seized on all four wheels. It is not starting and I wanted to tow it to my Mechanic's. Any suggestions as to how I can get it ...

2004 2.5 Diesel Pick Up
Posted: Mar 8, 2012
Cant find pollen fillters in pickup

windscreen misting up when driving always needs airconditioning on to clear cant locate pollen filters

2007 d40 dci2.5 auto aventura
Posted: Nov 30, 2009
Tow bar too low

I had a tow bar fitted at a reputable garage as soon as i got the vehicle. The first time i towed with it the cable on my trailer was damaged. I thought the tow bar looked a bit low but there is only ...

2008 d40
Posted: Apr 3, 2008
Nissan Navara Owner Reviews
Reviewed by: Anonymous Review

10/ 10

I love my Navara - for comfort and height !

55 plate and had from 1yr old - very economical on long journeys and sooooo comfortable - heated seats help and brilliant grip in recent snow with 4wd

Easy to park - much easier than you would think - long vehicle but not overly wide

just very happy with it

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Navara Recalls Issued Per Year
Latest Nissan Navara Recalls

Possible reduced retention force of the rear door child lock switch

Recalled on 14th of August, 2020

Affects builds between Sep 28, 2015 and Mar 14, 2018

A non-dessicated passenger airbag inflator was used during previous recall to replace this component

Recalled on 17th of August, 2018

Affects builds between Jan 6, 2004 and Mar 2, 2012

Replace airbag inflators checked but not replaced under previous recall r/2015/093

Recalled on 11th of December, 2017

Affects builds between Jan 6, 2004 and Mar 2, 2012

Stop lamp may not be functioning as expected

Recalled on 31st of October, 2016

Affects builds between Oct 1, 2015 and Jun 16, 2016

Passenger side airbag may fail to deploy correctly

Recalled on 16th of November, 2015

Affects builds between Jan 6, 2004 and Mar 30, 2007

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