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Reviewed by: Peter Sheard, Peterborough

9/ 10

Recently been looking to replace my BM E46 328i. Very disappointed with latest BMW offerings by comparison so started looking at Lexus. The GS range was tempting but when I found the 450 hybrid I was intrigued. On the test drives (and there were many) I found that here was a car with the performance of a BMW 645 with lower tax, better fuel consumption and all the gadgets included too. Silky smooth drive, took bumps well, excellent and responsive jerk free accelleration, great cornering without roll. Only small niggle is all that hybrid gear does make some noise - no where near as bad as a modern tinny BMW 3 series with run flats on though! The radar cruise control is a great piece of kit - all cars should have it fitted! So impressed I bought a GS450h SEL!

Name: Peter Sheard
Location: Peterborough

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