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Jaguar's refined sports saloon
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Flat battery messages
2016 2.0
Posted: Sep 10, 2023
In control touch pro
2016 portfolio 2.0 diesel
Posted: May 3, 2022
Red warning light
2016 2.0d
Posted: Jan 6, 2021
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XE Recalls Issued Per Year
Latest Jaguar XE Recalls

The rubberised fuel return hose assembly may have been incorrectly manufactured

Recalled on 25th of June, 2021

Affects builds between Nov 25, 2019 and Apr 16, 2021

The rear rail assembly may not have the specified structural strength

Recalled on 21st of April, 2021

Affects builds between May 17, 2016 and Sep 4, 2017

Vehicles failed to achieve required levels of co2 emissions

Recalled on 29th of August, 2019

Affects builds between Oct 10, 2014 and Nov 20, 2018

The vehicle failed to routinely achieve the required levels of co2 emissions

Recalled on 15th of March, 2019

Affects builds between Nov 9, 2016 and Jul 5, 2018

Fuel may leak

Recalled on 29th of March, 2018

Affects builds between Sep 1, 2016 and Aug 17, 2017

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