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Seat replacement / upgrade

Can I replace the cloth seats in a 2010 Grand voyager with leather seats from a 2007 model?

2010 2.8 CRD Touring
Posted: Feb 17, 2022

When trying to pull away it doesn’t go into gear until it hits 3000 revs

2005 Lx
Posted: Oct 27, 2021
Recurring Limp Mode

Hi, I am a disabled driver in the UK and own a Chrysler LX Grand Voyager (Graz built GS). It is equipped with the 3.3 L Petrol engine and the 41TE Autotransaxle with a total mileage of 140,000 on the ...

2000 3.3 LX Auto
Posted: Nov 27, 2014
Auto Gearbox drops into limp mode

Sudden failure when joining motorway and gently accelerating. Selection 3rd to 4th failed to properly engage (rising rpm indicating neutral condition) shortly after dropping into 2nd as speed decayed ...

2000 3.3 LX Auto - Petrol wIth LPGA Approved LPG conversion
Posted: Nov 22, 2014
Radio volume

The volume on my radio intermittently turns itself down. The radio remains on but it just goes on mute. Anyone have a solution?

2004 1.8 d
Posted: Jun 17, 2013
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Grand Voyager Recalls Issued Per Year
Latest Chrysler Grand Voyager Recalls

The driver's airbag emblem may have become loose or detached

Recalled on 23rd of September, 2020

Affects builds between May 30, 2006 and Dec 9, 2011

Airbag may malfunction

Recalled on 31st of March, 2017

Affects builds between Jan 29, 2007 and Aug 31, 2008

Engine could shut off unintentionally

Recalled on 12th of October, 2015

Affects builds between Jan 29, 2007 and Jun 18, 2010

Fire may occur

Recalled on 13th of March, 2015

Affects builds between Aug 1, 2010 and Oct 31, 2014

Incorrect weight ratings

Recalled on 9th of December, 2014

Affects builds between Aug 21, 2013 and Jun 26, 2014

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