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Chrysler don't have any dealers in the UK, so if you want an American-styled, large saloon-style car, you'd have to go further afield to get one. The 300C model has a 6litre engine, 8-speed, automatic transmission and is a two-wheel rear drive car.
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Cant set memory seats

seat does not return to standard position when the engine is turned off and key removed,message on the dash says memory has been recorded,

2009 3 ltr diesel
Posted: Apr 4, 2021
Oil Pressure Warning

I am constantly getting a dashboard light coming on along with a warning chime suggesting that oil pressure is low. I have tested the oil pressure and it reads OK. Taking advise from Chrysler at Chelm...

2007 Diesel (Mercedes 3.0L V6)
Posted: Oct 6, 2014
Abs light on perminant mot fail

hello my 1999 voyager has the abs light on perminant does any one no how i get the system to tell me what sensor is at fault or have any ideas as its failed tha mot

1999 2.5td
Posted: Mar 29, 2010
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6/ 10

I have been experiencing a problem with noisy clunking front end noices presumably from the front suspension. My local dealer is changing track rods and bushes in an attempt to cure this problem. does anyone else have similar issues.

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