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Reports showing how many Chevrolet cars are on the UK roads and the distribution of the cars across UK regions over time.

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Chevrolet Recalls
Model: TRAX recalled on: Apr 14, 2021
The brake pedal may potentially stick as a result of high vehicle interior temperatures
Model: CAPTIVA recalled on: May 21, 2018
Fuel may leak
Model: CAPTIVA recalled on: Jan 23, 2017
Possibility of a fire
Model: CRUZE recalled on: Jul 26, 2016
Engine may stall
Model: AVEO recalled on: May 3, 2016
Under vehicle rollover conditions fuel may leak
Model: CAPTIVA recalled on: Jul 31, 2015
Engine may start inadvertently
Model: CAPTIVA recalled on: Jul 31, 2015
Possibility of fire
Model: TRAX recalled on: Jul 17, 2015
Front seat lap belt pre-tensioner may not function as intended
Model: SPARK recalled on: Apr 28, 2015
Clutch pedal may fail
Model: CORVETTE recalled on: Apr 7, 2015
Low beam headlights may fail