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The largest and most luxurious in the BMW X range is the X7 Sports Activity Vehicle (SAV). It has everything you'd expect from an X model, and adds a sprinkling of opulence with its one-piece kidney grille, 3D L-shaped LED taillights and 21” light alloy wheels. The interior is equally as impressive; individual merino leather upholstery, dynamic ambient lighting and a panorama glass sunroof as standard. There is a new optional 6-seat configuration, with two individual seats in each of the three rows.
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X7 Recalls Issued Per Year
Latest BMW X7 Recalls

Spring in backrest mechanism of third row seating may be incorrectly installed

Recalled on 17th of October, 2022

Affects builds between Jan 4, 2019 and Aug 19, 2021

Undetected egr system leaks may cause thermal activity in the intake manifold

Recalled on 22nd of August, 2022

Affects builds between Jan 4, 2019 and Jul 28, 2020

Incorrect headrest rods may have been installed in the backrest of the second row of seats on the outer side

Recalled on 27th of April, 2021

Affects builds between Feb 10, 2021 and Feb 13, 2021

The integrated brake system hydraulic unit may have been produced incorrectly

Recalled on 22nd of February, 2021

Affects builds between Feb 17, 2020 and Mar 18, 2020

The battery cables on the 48v starter generator may not have been sufficiently secured during production

Recalled on 25th of January, 2021

Affects builds between Aug 5, 2020 and Jan 5, 2021

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