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The BMW i3 is the manufacturer's pure electric car with zero driving emissions, and a range of up to 188 miles. To add to its eco-credentials, BMW states that 85% of the car is recyclable once it reaches its end of life, and some elements of the car's body are made up of recycled materials themselves.
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Latest BMW i3 Recalls

The micro gas generator within the front seatbelt's retractor may have been damaged

Recalled on 30th of March, 2022

Affects builds between Jan 21, 2022 and Feb 26, 2022

The material quality of the screws used for seat belts and rear seats may not be to specifications.

Recalled on 29th of December, 2021

Affects builds between Oct 21, 2021 and Oct 27, 2021

The control ring of the backrest recliner in the second seat row may break

Recalled on 28th of April, 2021

Affects builds between Feb 19, 2021 and Mar 5, 2021

The air bag control unit may have been equipped with a defective sensor for the rollover detection

Recalled on 8th of June, 2020

Affects builds between Mar 16, 2020 and Mar 18, 2020

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