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The 2-door Audi R8 with its 5.2 litre V10 engine, is a mid-engined supercar introduced by the German automaker Audi in 2007. The first appearance of the car was in 2006, appearing at auto shows and events all over the world. The R8 is based on the Lamborghini Gallardo platform.
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Latest Audi R8 Recalls

The level of oil in the gearbox may be insufficient

Recalled on 13th of April, 2022

Affects builds between Jan 15, 2021 and Jan 15, 2021

Possible oil leakage may occur at the gearbox breather

Recalled on 21st of September, 2018

Affects builds between Oct 1, 2015 and Nov 30, 2017

Fuel may leak

Recalled on 22nd of August, 2011

Affects VIN in range WUAZZZ428AN001451 - WUAZZZ427CN000245

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