Want to know where all of the Porsches are in the UK?

We've just launched the first phase of our reporting section on AutoInsider

Have you ever wondered where most of the Porsches are registered in the UK? Have you ever wondered how many Vauxhalls were registered across the UK in the last decade?

If the answer is yes then you're in luck as we've just launched the first phase of our UK motoring data reporting. If you head over to our car data and recalls section you'll see that you can click on the list of manufacturer logos. Click around the pages and you'll see a range of graphs and pie charts looking like the example below...

We have data for most of the major manufacturers (sorry no Ferrari or Lamborghini data at the moment). The data is compiled from open data released by the DVLA, if you've got any questions about any of it just get in touch.

The eagle-eyed amongst you will spot that 2017 is missing from the data. Whilst building the reports we noticed that a lot of the data from this period looks incorrect, we took the decision to leave the data out for the time being to ensure that what's on display is actually useful. We'll get in touch with DVLA to see if they can look into what's happened.

We're in the process of importing lots more data, we'll be releasing lots of updates to this over the coming weeks so check back if you're interested in this kind of stuff.

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Image by Tân Nguyễn from Pixabay