The all-new, all-electric Morris JE

New start-up Morris Commercial are about to unveil the Morris JE, a remake of the original Morris J-type van

Ambitious British start-up Morris Commerical (they aquired the rights to the brand name) are about to launch the first of their new breed of electric commercial vehicles... the Morris JE.

The company is committed to building a sustainable business providing a modern take on classic British design. The JE has been designed and engineered in Britain with the help of EV experts from across Europe.

The JE platform is designed to offer commercial businesses another way to transport goods across the country, with long ranges and a functional design it's not just a gimmick but a usable asset for any business.

It sounds like it's going to be a great addition to UK roads, it'll be the perfect option for businesses wanting to reduce their emissions and make a positive statement about their eco credentials. It's also going to be a head-turner for the first year or so so a great marketing platform too!

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