New BMW 1 Series

More technology, less emissions, more space, less weight - the new 1 Series

The BMW 1 Series has been a staple of the BMW range for a while now. The new version, available now, aims to take the model further in terms of technology, safety, performance and efficiency.

The new version gets the ARB system from the i3s. This 'actuator contiguous wheel slip limitation' technology is an advanced type of traction control that improves the car's safety in adverse conditions.

The car also gets BMW performance control. This is a configurable system that allows drivers to choose between a more stable or a sportier cornering style. One provides inner wheel braking on corners to reduce understeer and the other allows greater slip to make the car feel more like it has a proper limited slip diff.

There's also now the choice of having the BMW Head-Up Display system on the 1 Series. 

The new BMW 'digital key' system is also available, allowing owners to use their mobile phone as the key.

The series comes with a range of petrol and diesel engines, with a new 306hp 2.0 petrol engine introduced just for the 1 Series M135i xDrive.

It looks like a sensible facelift for the car, looks like the M135i xDrive is the one to have. Get down to your BMW dealer if you're interested.



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