Volkswagen Touran Leaks & Noises Problems

Leaks & Noises Problems and faults
Heater not blowing hot air

we had a leak in a cooling pipe i got it fixed still had no hot air just cool so i got a new thermostat still no hot air just cool , and i had a new water pump fitted about two years ago so if anyone...

2009 Volkswagen Touran 2.0 turbo
Posted: Dec 1, 2017
Building up pressure in water bottle and heaters not working properly when this happens

car building up pressure in water bottle when this happens the heaters stop working but then they could start working again later. when the heaters are working they are very good but then when they s...

2006 Volkswagen Touran 1.9tdi
Posted: Nov 27, 2013
Heater/ fan not working

I dont know waht happend, the fan and the heater that any problem with fuse.? pls give me an answer...

2006 Volkswagen Touran 1.9 TDI Manual
Posted: Mar 16, 2012

When I turn on the Radio it receives a radio channel for only a few seconds and then only interference is there a fault with the radio or areial.

2006 Volkswagen Touran 2.0 TDI Sport
Posted: Mar 15, 2012
Heater temp not working properly

Heater blows coolish air water level is ok I suspect a heater servor motor is not doing its job properly Where is this located your help would be appreciated

2004 Volkswagen Touran 1.9TDI SE
Posted: Jun 26, 2011
Touran heater

ive replaced the heater resister twice and after a couple of days it blows and needs replacing again ??

2003 Volkswagen Touran 1.9 tdi
Posted: Nov 18, 2010
Rubbing noise from engine compartment

when i'm driving there is a rubbing noise coming from the engine compartment. its there if i drive in a straight line or turn the steering both ways. However if i turn the wheel just left of centre th...

2005 Volkswagen Touran 1.9 tdi 90
Posted: May 5, 2010

Hi, how easy is it to access the handbrake to adjust please? Not sure if to get the guy to alter it when it goes for service as the washer bottle pipe will need fixing too. It has rubbed against the i...

2004 Volkswagen Touran 1.9tdSE
Posted: Jan 30, 2010
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