Vauxhall Antara Leaks & Noises Problems

Leaks & Noises Problems and faults

Sometimes when i unlock the car 3 short beeps of the horn occur, as well as wipers turn on for a short run. When l parked the car and ready to leave not every time i can hear 3 short beeps like car is...

2008 Vauxhall Antara 2.0 Diesel
Posted: Jul 29, 2021
Gear box noise

I noticed that my car became heavier while on-road a few weeks ago and there was a warning sign of oil change on the dashboard. it's only a couple of days it makes a funny sound while running and I ca...

2013 Vauxhall Antara CDTI
Posted: Sep 12, 2020
Fuse blown on rear window washer

Can anyone tell me where I find the fuse. I know where the 2 boxes are but can find the fuse that is causing the problem.

2010 Vauxhall Antara
Posted: Feb 5, 2015
Into 3 Garages and no fix - can someone help

Can someone help me this eternal problem!!!??? We have had the car for 4 months now. Done 72k when bought one previous owner. This is my wife’s car and she love it apart from this problem. If you d...

1997 Vauxhall Antara 2.0 CDTI S
Posted: Nov 13, 2011
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