Skoda Superb Leaks & Noises Problems

Leaks & Noises Problems and faults
Leaking panoramic sunroof

Water running down both front pillars from sunroof, floor saturated.

2014 Skoda Superb Lauren &klement 4x4 estate
Posted: Feb 5, 2020
Coolant leak

Warning light came on for coolant, topped up an hour later coolant reservoir almost empty again. Took to a garage said they did a pressure test couldnt find anything. Drove home leaking again. Recomme...

2013 Skoda Superb Estate 1.6
Posted: Feb 14, 2017
Airbag light on

Hi! I have airbag light on on superb 1.9tdi. vag com shows : Address 15: Airbags Labels: 6Q0-909-605-VW5.lbl Part No: 1C0 909 605 F Component: 0C AIRBAG VW61 0K 0001 Coding: 12355 ...

2003 Skoda Superb 1.9tdi
Posted: Apr 26, 2013
Footwell lights wion't go off

When driving, and when car is locked, the footwell lights will not go off. All doors are closed. Anyone got any clue what the problem could be???

2010 Skoda Superb 1.9 TDI
Posted: Mar 9, 2011
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