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Update for followers. Fitted new coil pack and still nothing. Not to say it"s not c, pack but with ecu. Thanks.

New timing belt kit was recently done 500miles or so. Hope it"s not ECU as last zafira had one go bad but, the symptoms are not the same. Could at least run engine (although would not rev up) This time car not starting. Thanks.

That"s what i would expect (a code) I have read that if even the ECM has gone down it would throw up a code and possibly go into limp mode. Will update if i get it going. Thanks

Would like to ask, would there not be any codes relating to the failing of a crank or cam sensor present! Just purchased an OBD11 reader for this problem but, there"s no codes detected. I have a new coil pack coming hope it fixes the problem, if not, then at least i can eliminate that area. Thanks

I will be sorting out the week alternator as soon as I sort out why it won't start.iv re changed the battery

I have the 1.8 2013 insignia where would I get this repair kit from? Where in my car engine is the egr valve?

Hi thanks for your reply I know very little about cars it has been plugged into 1 type of computer not sure which. It came up with crank sensor which has been changed by a mechanic. It also came up with heat resistor and egr valve but I have been told these shouldn’t have any relevance to immobiliser in your opinion is that correct?

My 1.8 petrol insignia 2013 keeps having code 3 coming up .
This happens if it’s cold or hot been used or not etc.
Error book says relates to cooling but my coolant is at full mark and has never moved in all the time I have had it. This has been happening for about a month now.
I don’t feel any issues with the car nor see any leaks etc
Any ideas?

1.6 2006 petrol. Ran out of fuel topped up quarter tank. Wont start economy mode showing on dash

How can I repair Peugeot brain box box

i had the breakdown company out the other week he proggramed a new fob to the car and everything was working now when i go out to the car to use the fob it takes the alram off and i am able to start the car and drive but when you go to lock the car with the fob the nobs dont go down.. but everything works i have to use to the fob to take the alram off and i am able to start and drive the car

Thankyou whittingehame.
I know it sounds silly but i guessed it was one of the first things the garage carried out .. however they didnt say they did it and it wasnt on the invoice!!!
Me thinks ill ask the question👍

Now its stuck in park . locked in park

My car is not on the list of cars

Yes it is defo fuel mate it was a strong smell

I've tried with the radio, and that's not affected.

Did you find out what this was as In having same problem

How do I bleed the fuel system (diesel) is there a bleed valve.?

It is a brand new battery , alternator was replaced 17/10/17, , but went through a 12"deep Ford about 8 weeks ago , and problem seems to have started then , is this linked?

Thanks for replying.
I think the smells coming from the engine not the exhaust. I googled dpf and i dont have a diesel car.
Ive notice the burning smell also starts if im driving up hill

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