Nissan Terrano Running Rough, Starting & Power Loss Problems

Running Rough, Starting & Power Loss Problems and faults
Will not run any faster than 2000 RPM

Was running fine then suddenly lost power and will not run faster than 2000RPM. I have located a wire that appears to be broken and shows to be live when the engine is running but not live when igniti...

1993 Nissan Terrano 2.7 LWB
Posted: Mar 7, 2021
Start some times

plz help my terrano some times it starts other not it sarted when i got it open car up turn key started lock it up go back to it not start yday it started then it died as tho it ran out of fule help m...

1996 Nissan Terrano 2.7 se
Posted: Jun 21, 2012
Grating Noise, abs light

Hi There I bought my Terrano a month or so back and it am curious about some of its quirks and hoping they are not to serious. Firstly, when revs reach a certain point, there is a rattling/grating ...

2000 Nissan Terrano 2.7TDi Manual
Posted: Feb 15, 2012
Not starting if it does smokey and not reving over 3000 revs

help please . suspect fuel injector pump problem. helped a friend recover his broken down car late saturday night. at the time i was low on diesel so emptied some out of a scania diesel tank travelle...

2005 Nissan Terrano 3 litre di se
Posted: Feb 8, 2012
Engine manegment light while driving?

just bought the terrano when driving engine management light comes on and revs increase have to dip clutch give a boot off throttle and it goes off. someone said it could be throttle actuator sensor b...

1997 Nissan Terrano 2.7 tdi se
Posted: Mar 27, 2011
Lack of power

car was pulling caravan up m1 pouring rain,started to lose power ,pulled over checked handbrake on van tried to pull away and could only get 20mph.called AA.unhitched van restarted car had no problem?...

2003 Nissan Terrano
Posted: Jan 22, 2010
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