Land Rover Freelander Gearbox & Clutch Problems

Gearbox & Clutch Problems and faults
Shuddering throughout the car at 1,600 rpm at any speed and gear.

The sound is a little like the car is in the wrong gear but the engine is typically just turning over at this point, often happens when sitting at 60-70mph on a motorway in 6th gear at 1,600rpm on fla...

2013 Land Rover Freelander SD4 HSE
Posted: Nov 13, 2020
What replacement diesel engine will fit

I have had a problem with overheating several times and on my second head gasket. What diesel engine will fit direct on gearbox or alternative petrol engine will fit

2003 Land Rover Freelander v6 auto petrol
Posted: Feb 25, 2014
Clutch Pedal

When I push down the clutch pedal and change gear, it is not retracting properly and stays about half way down. When I use it again it touches the floor and retracts even less. After a few gear change...

2004 Land Rover Freelander 2.0D HSE 5 door
Posted: Aug 14, 2012
Noise on front

had a noise appear on the front passengers side wheel which sounded like a barring had gone but my local garage says my gearbox has gone or the ird has gone,, the car drives and changes gear perfect b...

2000 Land Rover Freelander 1.8 petrol
Posted: Jan 5, 2012

The vehicle makes a noise from the automatic transmission when the vehicle changes gear from 1st - 2nd, it sounds almost like pressure building and then releasing through a valve, but the noise is qui...

2008 Land Rover Freelander HSE TD4
Posted: Nov 28, 2010
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