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I would contact the dealership about this as it may be a known fault and there possibly may be a software update to rectify .

I've tried with the radio, and that's not affected.

" I haven't tried with music from any other source. " Try that first before getting too involved ?

A low battery with alternator working overtime to compensate can cause all sort of problems . Replace battery ASAP and get alternator charging rate checked at same time .

it sounds like you are correct...the fuse is 125amp I believe

It is normally the seals that leak , very common fault .

Sorry , I dont recognise those codes .

Check if reverse lights are working .Dependant on equipment some are covered by fuse #13 in boot

Fuse box version B
Opel Zafira Family - bezpieczniki - bagażnik wersja B
Vauxhall Zafira B – fuse box – load compartment version B
Number Circuit Rating
1 Electric windows, front 25
2 — —
3 Instruments 7,5
4 Heating, air c onditioning system, Electronic Climate Control (ECC) 5
5 Airbags 7,5
6 — —
7 — —
8 — —
9 — —
10 — —
11 Heated rear window 25
12 Rear window wiper 15
13 Parking d istance senso

Sure? you haven't got a dash panel dimmer switch and it's turned down

You have a heavier duty battery and starter than previous cars to cope with the excessive starting . On most normal cars with stop/ start it wont cut in if battery charge is low , by having the air con on and loading , it might be reaching that point where it wont function.

Thanks for your reply ' hate stop start should be scrapped cant see how it saves money and; im sure stopping and starting cant do the car any good.will just have to leave the fan on to stop it .

Dont think you can , it's key part of the hybrid fuel savings. I hate stop/ start but on a lot of other cars it's simple to disable thankfully .

Sorry cant help you with this , really need to get it scanned with Peugeot Planet or Citroen Lexia for fault codes .

You could always get a second opinion and a fault code scan if you are not happy with , or doubt their findings

Not hit the on/off button by mistake ?

My Merc R300 used to do this occasionally, radio would work but controls on it wouldn't do anything, the steering wheel controls still worked though.

It used to sort itself out after being switched off for a few hours, I've heard of problems like this with other cars where you need to hard reset the system, sometimes disconnecting the battery.

Probably a duff set , pull and bench test to confirm .

Did you find out what this was as In having same problem

Check for wear on linkage , There is a repair kit you can get ,

Check this " in theory, if the key slot is vertical the boot will unlock in sympathy with the the other doors, if the slot is horizontal then the boot should stay locked irrespective of the main doors. "

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