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You need to get it checked out to see if it is an internal fault with the clutch assembly or possibly the clutch master cyl .Could check fluid level and check for fluid leaks at master cyl .

This is assuming it is a hydraulic clutch and not a cable .

Check front susp drop links and anti roll bar bushes .

Fuel filter , partially blocked cat / exhaust ?

Just a thought, Relating to the air flow sensor and temp sensor, all being 2 wire. Should there be voltage on both wires with ignition on? Or does ECM collect the info when engine is running? Can"t help feeling it"s the ECM gone caput!!!

I have spark and 5v going to sensors on the temp sensor/cam and air flow. (Fitted new crank sensor.) Fuel pump purges and delivers. Still no start just cranks. Thanks

You need to get it fixed as continuing running it can cause big problems . Doing short journeys or lack of occasional motorway blast where regeneration can occur . can be a big factor .

Hi I have the same problems. I have just bought a code reader that will show live data. I will post the codes when I download them.
My van had #1 injector replaced early in its life. I suspect as a result of a scan as you have seen. We should work together to try to solve our problem

Usually located behind glove box in heater box .

As suggested earlier , have you checked you are getting spark , fuel and compression ?

Update for followers. Fitted new coil pack and still nothing. Not to say it"s not c, pack but with ecu. Thanks.

Too many faults , take it to an auto electrician for checking .

You really need run a diagnostic to find the issues. A long shot , you could check car battery voltage .

New timing belt kit was recently done 500miles or so. Hope it"s not ECU as last zafira had one go bad but, the symptoms are not the same. Could at least run engine (although would not rev up) This time car not starting. Thanks.

Just a thought , is the timing belt o.k ?

That"s what i would expect (a code) I have read that if even the ECM has gone down it would throw up a code and possibly go into limp mode. Will update if i get it going. Thanks

Should normally trigger a code as should a faulty coil pack .

Would like to ask, would there not be any codes relating to the failing of a crank or cam sensor present! Just purchased an OBD11 reader for this problem but, there"s no codes detected. I have a new coil pack coming hope it fixes the problem, if not, then at least i can eliminate that area. Thanks

You will have to isolate if it's a fuel or spark problem first .Amongst other possible causes could be the crank sensor .

Check for power at motor , if so knackered motor .

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