Citroen C2 Gearbox & Clutch Problems

Gearbox & Clutch Problems and faults
C2 vtr sensor drive no problems for 6 years then out of the blue the gears will not change it will only change when i take out of gear and put back in gear it will not change on its own

gears will not change it goes into first and then it will only change if i take gear out and then back in then it can be in any gear it still drives well in all gears when stopped it goes into 2 gear...

2004 Citroen C2 1.6
Posted: Sep 12, 2020
Problem starting

Normally you have to put foot on brake pedal to start but now you have to press really hard down to start the car some times the car starts other times it will take for ever

2006 Citroen C2 C2 vtr auto
Posted: Apr 17, 2020

About 4 weeks ago my clutch pedal went soft (no resistance) there was no loss of fluid from the reservoir. The car has been to several garages. And. They are at a loss. As to what's going on? One gara...

2008 Citroen C2 Code
Posted: Feb 22, 2019
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