The new Audi A5 range

The latest evolution of the A5 range will start deliveries in the UK in spring 2020

The headline grabbing changes are the MHEV engine range, the sporty new design and the new MMI touch system... oh and the S6 will now be a TDI variant.

The interior will look pretty familiar to anyone who's been in a new A6, the impressive MMI system takes centre stage and it all looks like pretty standard Audi stuff - aka as good as it gets.

The new engines will be a range of TFSI and TDI with the MHEV mild hybrid system. The hybrid system is integrated slightly differently in the petrol and diesel models but according to Audi it makes a decent contribution to the efficiency of both engines. The MHEV system works by harvesting energy from engine braking when the car is decelerating, it stores this in a modest sized battery for use in starting and for coasting with the engine deactivated.

It might be controversial to some Audi sport fans but the new S5 gets the V6 TDI engine with the output cranked up to 347PS and 700Nm. The car will hit 60mph in under 5 seconds and will have a generous range thanks to the TDI and the MHEV system.

If you fancy one they'll be available to order from your Audi centre towards the end of this year.

See the gallery below for images of the models in the range.

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