What to do in the Event of an Accident

Being involved in a car accident is a really stressful event. In the aftermath important details can be missed/forgotten, things that make a big difference to your insurance claim. Print off this checklist and keep it in your car just incase.

You are always required to stop at the accident scene if you think that your accident has caused injuries to people, other vehicles or roadside signs, bollards, lights or other fixtures.
Are emergency services required?
Call 999 Emergency Services straight away if:
  • any people involved in the accident are in need of urgent medical attention - ask operator for ambulance service
  • the stretch of road that the accident occurred on is blocked or damaged - ask operator for the police
  • somebody who was involved leaves the scene of the accident without exchanging details - ask operator for the police
Exchange details with other drivers
All drivers involved in the accident (including you) must exchange details. These details, ideally, should include name, address, telephone number, vehicle registration, vehicle make, vehicle model, insurance company and policy number. Refer to the Accident Form below.
Was the accident witnessed?
Ask anyone who witnessed the accident to give their names, addresses and vehicle registrations. These may come in useful later in the event of insurance claims or judicial action.
Record details of the accident
Record as many details as possible of what happened in the accident. Ideally also make a sketch at the scene of the accident or take photos if a camera or camera phone is available. Make notes of weather conditions, street names, vehicle directions of travel and locations, points of collisions of the vehicles and if any skid marks are present including their location and length. Record additional details or comments, such as the state of the other drivers in the accident: inebriated or using a mobile phone etc

Form Download

To go with this checklist there is a form to download. Click this link to download our Accident Form. Print this form off and keep it in your car just incase.


The above auto checklists have been thoroughly researched to be as accurate as possible however, they are intended only as a helpful guide, and Auto Insider will not be held responsible for inaccuracies relating to their content.

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