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Travelling By Car In Europe

Travelling by car in Europe isn't just a case of hopping into the car and heading for Dover. There are strict regulations in most countries that could land you with a fine or worse. Print off this checklist to make sure you're prepared.

Below is a table of legal required and recommended equipment for motoring in Europe.

GB Sticker/ GB Euroflag numberplateyyyyyyyyy
Headlamp converteryyyyyyyyy
Warning Triangleyyyyyyyyy
High Visibility Jacketyrrryryyr
First Aid Kitrrry*rryrr
Fire Extinguisherrrrrrrrrr
Spare Bulbsyrrryryyr

y = yes/required
r = recommended

* to conform to DIN13 164 standard
2 warning triangles are recommended
one for each person in the car


GB sticker
A GB sticker must be displayed on the back or all UK registered motor vehicles, caravans and trailers when travelling in Europe. This is not necessary though for UK vehicles displaying Euro-plates when European Union countries.
European motoring kit
It is a legal requirement in continental Europe to carry a European Motoring Kit (refer to list above for specific items required) Be sure to pick up a kit before starting your journey. You are able to find further literature on the required equipment at all good car accessory stores if not covered in the list above.
Green card
It is strongly recommend that you obtain an International Motor Insurance Certificate (green card), from your motor insurer. Check with your motor insurer what cover your policy provides abroad as a Green Card may not always be issued.
European Breakdown Cover and Travel Insurance
For extra piece of mind you may wish to take out travel insurance for your trip. Some policies include cover for missed connections when motoring etc and others have sections geared specifically for motoring abroad
Passport or visa
All members of your travelling party must carry a full passport, valid for the full period of your trip. If in doubt of the legth of remaining time required on your passport or if a visa is necessary be sure to check with the embassy or consulate of the country your will be driving through, ahead of your trip.
EHIC form
Assists if you or your family are taken ill or require treatment when you are abroad in European Economic Area Countries. An application form for an EHIC can be found in the Health Advice for Travellers (Ref T6) leaflet (supplied at UK post offices or by calling freephone 0800 555777.)
Vehicle On Hire Certificate
When you drive in Europe you are required to carry the original Vehicle Registration Document. If you dont have a copy of the original you will need, in its place, a letter of authority from the owner and a Vehicle on Hire Certificate (VE103B), (usually the case when driving a hired or leased vehicle.)
Special requirements for vehicles with over 9 seats
Special documents and tachographs are mandatory throughout the EU. Drivers 21 years old and over and have a full year's car driving experience. More information and required documents can be obtained by contacting your local Department of Transport office.
Camping Card International (only required if camping in Europe)
If you intend to camp or caravan in Europe a Camping Card International is recommended. The card provides Third Party Liability insurance and enables you to access special discounts at sites and tourist attractions around the continent. The Card is valid in the year of issue and is compulsory in Denmark and accepted as ID in lieu of a passport at most European sites.

For more information about driving in Europe visit European Drive Guide


The above auto checklists have been thoroughly researched to be as accurate as possible however, they are intended only as a helpful guide, and Auto Insider will not be held responsible for inaccuracies relating to their content.

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