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MG ZR Power loss

2003 MG ZR Problem

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CarMG ZR 2.0 TD

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The Problem:

The car lost power from start up, the engine management light did not come on. took it to the garage who said it was the mass airflow. They put a new one on but it did not cure the problem (leaving it disconnected did though). They then said it was low voltage from the ECU and could possibly send the ECU away for repair.

They re-connected the mass airflow and i drove the car home which seems to be working at about 75% of normal. Has been like that now for a week with no more problems. Could it be a damaged wire or dodgy connection somewhere?

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Solution 1

Suggested Solution

if the signal from ecu is poor pull out the ecu unplug and check condition of pins, they are very small and corrode quite easilly carefully clean up and reasemble, however is this was the case you would have a fault code listed, make sure your garage is able to read MG properly as a lot of scanners won't read them properly if at all

Posted on Saturday 23rd of July 2011

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