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Renault Scenic Battery Charging

2007 Renault Scenic Problem

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CarRenault Scenic 2.0 Grand Scenic 7 seater
OwnerLouis Elvin Nathan

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The Problem:

I accidently left my car fifth door opened for about five hours, but did not experienced any starting problems.
But ten days later today i had to jump start my car. my batt indication is green. At first i left in running for an our. then took it out for a drive. all my windows did not wind down and up continuosly. after a ten km drive three did but my driver seat window's still not nudging continuously.
Help. DO i need to replace batt.?

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Solution 1

Suggested Solution

You could get battery charged or get it tested and replaced if needed .Get alternator tested also just to be sure , simple check .

Posted on Sunday 6th of February 2011

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