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2002 Citroen C5 Problem

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The Problem:

My VDO Display stop working it seems to have no power, also the radio works but you can not switch to the cd or multi cd player,the radio controler on the steering wheel also does not work.If you put a cd in the radio when it is off it will play but you can not then switch to the radio or the multi player
The diplay is for the computer/sat-nav and radio the dvd for the sat-nav and multi player both have power a radio shop thinks its all conected to the radio so the radio is faulty

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Solution 1

Suggested Solution

C5 is one of many badly built french cars, i work on these every day and in my opinion should have gone for scrap the day they came off the production line, but let's see, first off check all the fuses on the car even the ones your hand book says don't relate to your problem as citroen kept changing fuse lay outs and not changing the owners manual. Electrical problems are very common on most french cars so if it is not obvious then don't play around too much you may make it worse, also control modules fail alot, have qualified diagnostic tech have a look at this.

Posted on Wednesday 2nd of April 2008

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