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Ford KA Burning smell & temp light flashing

1997 Ford KA Problem

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The Problem:

My parents very kindly gave me their KA yesterday, they have had it since it was two years old and never had any faults with it.

I had it for less than an hour yesterday and a burning smell started coming from it. I topped up the water and went out again later. I had been driving it for less than five minutes when the temperature light started flashing and the burning smell came back.

Does anyone have any idea what might be broken? I'm such a [u]jinx[/u] :-(


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Solution 1

Suggested Solution

Dont drive the car in this condition as you will do more serious damage.
It could be as simple as a leaking hose, jammed thermostat or radiator but could be as bad as water pump. you said you topped up water. Can you see where the water is going?
Can you hear the cooloing fan cutting in?

Posted on Sunday 25th of July 2010

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